Commissioner Hodder ringing bell

Kettle challenge raises nearly $80k across the West

Territorial Commander Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder challenged Salvation Army officers across the Western Territory to a kettle challenge Dec. 13 from 12-4 p.m. In total, some 95 officers joined in to see who could raise the most money in their kettle—collectively raising $79,776.65.


Woman donating to kettle


The grand-prize winner is Captain Angela Morrow, Corps Officer of the Centennial Corps in Littleton, Colorado, who raised $7,344.93.


The top 5 fundraisers are:

  1. Captain Angela Morrow: $7,344.93 (Intermountain)
  2. Major Ken Perine: $5,651.89 (Northwest)
  3. Lt. Fredy Miranda: $5,017.82 (CalSouth)
  4. Captain Cassandra Amezquita: $4,678.67 (CalSouth)
  5. Captain Caleb Fankhauser: $3,641.90 (Intermountain)


Hodder raised a total of $1,272.36.


Commissioner Hodder shaking man's hand

Divisional winners:

  1. California South: $25,242.06
  2. Intermountain: $22,822,81
  3. Northwest: $13,937.24


Other notables from the challenge: 

  • Evalena Russell of the Cortez, Colorado, Service Extension Unit raised $1,470.68, plus a $1 winning lottery ticket and a 1936 Indian Head nickel from a community where there are only 26,000 people in the county.
  • Major Steve Ball stood at the kettle during the first Red Kettle Campaign in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, a country with 35 percent unemployment and an average annual income of working adults around $1,100.  
  • Major Pam Markham got her dentist and hygienist out to put money in the kettle.
  • Majors Evadne and Turnie Wright in Ridgecrest, California, raised approximately .33 per person in their community in one kettle.
  • Major Ivan Wild raised money from employees at the Del Oro Division’s Christmas theme party while dressed as Captain Stubing from the Love Boat. 
  • The top fundraising divisional leaders are Lt. Colonels Bill and Lisa Dickinson, who raised $1,284.33 and $794, respectively. 
  • Golden State and California South are tied for having the most divisional officers ringing at 17 officers each.
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