Kercher Will Join Bosnia Relief Team

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NEWLY ENROLLED-Tim Kercher (center) is joined by (l-r) Lt. Ted Horwood, Lt. Kris Potter, Capt. Carla La Fayette, Capt. Victor Leslie, and Col. Bruce Harvey.

By Christy Ziemba –

The Intermountain Division’s newest soldier is on his way to Bosnia to serve in The Salvation Army’s International Relief Team. Tim Kercher, 25, was enrolled by Divisional Commander Colonel Bruce Harvey the day before beginning six months of missionary work.

While in Bosnia, Tim will be in charge of logistics: making sure that the various Salvation Army programs have the supplies they need. The Army is providing meals from four field kitchens to some 1,700 people on a daily basis; has rebuilt two schools and a medical clinic with plans to build more; and has also rebuilt a kindergarten school for 90 children.

There is a Salvation Army micro-sector rehab program designed to help the people in the rural areas rebuild their homes as well as provide agricultural aid to them. A micro-credit and micro-enterprise program is designed to help businesses get back up and running through loans from The Salvation Army. In the spring, there are plans for a widow program where prefabricated materials for homes will be provided.

Tim will most likely be alone on Christmas and through the end of the year because the rest of the relief team will be on break. He will need our prayers and letters. His address is:


Tim Kercher 

The Salvation Army 

c/o 1 Batt. REME 

“Operation Resolute” 

BFPO 538 


Republika Srpska 

Bosnia & Herzegovina

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