Kelly receives ‘Others’ award

(l-r) Mary Jo Levinger, Ken Kelly and Commissioner Linda Bond.

At the Santa Clara County Soup Kitchen Annual Luncheon, San Jose ARC Advisory Council member Ken Kelly was presented the Others award by ARC Commanding Officer Captain Howard Bennett and Commissioner Linda Bond.

Ken has been a volunteer with the Army since 1989. In Gilroy, Calif., he helped establish a corps advisory board and served as its chair from 1990-1991. He concurrently served on that board and the Santa Clara County Corps Advisory Board, serving as the chair there as well in 1997.

In 1998 he joined the ARC Advisory Council, serving as chair in 2001-2002. In his two years as ARC Council Chair Ken focused on development of council membership, recruiting strong leaders from the public and private sector, and building an active and effective council.

Ken, 64, is employed by the County of Santa Clara as an Educational Administrator, and is married to San Jose City Council member Linda J. LeZotte.

“My inspiration to serve others through The Salvation Army came from Major Oliver Stenvick,” says Ken. “It has been reinforced daily by the caring officers I have met worldwide. My commitment to The Salvation Army is lifelong.”


Crestmont College hosts four-day preaching seminar

Crestmont College hosts four-day preaching seminar

by Howard Bennett, Captain –  DELEGATES attend a session during the

ARC adds six new officiers

ARC adds six new officiers

L-R: Majors John and Kathy Reed, Captains Eric and Janet Wilkerson, Majors Ron

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