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Prayer support requested as World Youth Convention draws closer.

Over 1,000 young Salvationists from around the world are preparing to attend the World Youth Convention, in Stockholm, Sweden, from July 15 – 18, 2010. The gathering, led by General Shaw Clifton with Commissioner Helen Clifton, is themed “Raised Up.”

Convention details—including profiles of the delegates—are available at, along with stories of the work and ministry of Salvationist youth and other Army news.

In a call to prayer, World Youth Convention Organizer Colonel Birgitte Brekke wrote: “What an impact this event will have on the hearts and lives of the young people who attend—either ‘in person,’ via remote viewing in territorial and local gatherings, or as ‘virtual delegates’ online.

We invite prayer support for the World Youth Convention from every territory/command. Would the retired officers be our prayer partners? The prayer power of our retired officers—one generation praying for the next generation—would be immeasurable. What an encouragement to our young Salvationists, our future, to know that the Army’s elders, those who have held the course, are upholding them in prayer!

We encourage prayer groups in the corps, in the Colleges and Schools for Officer Training, wherever praying people are—please pray for the leaders and young Salvationists that will be gathering in Stockholm Sweden in July 2010.

Thank you for your support of the delegates to the WYC, many of tomorrow’s officers and local officers.”

Western Territory delegates
Selected to attend from the West, with Territorial Youth Leaders Majors Ivan and Jennifer Wild, are:

Jennifer Stump – Alaska
Megan Delapp – Cascade
Ryan McCaw – Cascade
Saharra Gilden – Del Oro
Jayerica Tumale – Del Oro
Edwin Rayburn – Del Oro
Audriana Moody – Golden State
Matthew McQuade – Hawaiian Islands
Susan Cassin – Northwest
Mark Svenson – Northwest
Amanda Wenstig – Northwest
Katie Owens – Sierra del Mar
Ruben Cordero – Southern California
Caleb Danielson – Southern California
Sarah Wild – Southern California
James Combs – Southwest
Meghan Desplancke – Southwest

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Protecting the Mission

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