Keep our territorial leaders in prayer

Commissioner Linda Bond
August—20-22: Western Youth Institute (WYI), Camp Arnold, Washington. Sept.—7-10: Territorial Executive Conference (TEC); 11-12: Welcome of Cadets Weekend, Tustin Ranch Corps, Calif.; 17-18: National Advisory Board, Chicago; 20-26: Montana Motorcade, Intermountain/Northwest Divisions; 27-28: Intermountain Site Visit; 30-Oct. 1: Cabinet retreat.

Lt. Cols. Donald and Debora Bell
July—9: San Diego, Kroc Center (Lt. Col. Donald Bell). Aug.—10: Sierra Del Mar Planned Giving Seminar; 16-27: Honolulu, divisional commander installation and furlough. Sept.—7-10: Territorial Executive Conference (TEC); 11: Welcome of Cadets, Tustin Ranch Corps 13: San Diego, Kroc Center Funding Workshop (Lt. Col. Donald Bell); 16-19: National Advisory Board, Chicago; 26: Phoenix, ARC dedication; 30-Oct. 1: Cabinet retreat.

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