Keep our territorial leaders in prayer

Commissioner Linda Bond
January—25-27: Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division. February—8: Specialing-Southern California Division (San Gabriel Corps); 10-12: Commissioners’ Conference, Washington, D.C.; 20-22: Golden State Women’s Ministries Conference; 29: Specialing-Golden State Division (Fresno Citadel). March—5-7: Golden State Youth Councils; 12-19: Officers Councils-Scotland; 28: Specialing-Del Oro Division (Oakland Chinatown Corps); 29-30: Del Oro Officers Councils.

Lt. Cols. Donald and Debora Bell
January—25-28: Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Divisional Review (Lt. Col. Debora Bell); 27-28: Seattle (Marion Farrell House dedication-Lt. Col. Donald Bell). February—1-3: Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretaries Conference (Lt. Col. Debora Bell); 7-12: Commissioners’ Conference, Washington, D.C (Lt. Col. Donald Bell); 12-18: San Diego (Sierra del Mar Command Review-Lt. Col. Debora Bell); 17-18: San Diego (Sierra del Mar Command Review-Lt. Col. Donald Bell). March—8-9: Sacramento (Del Oro Command Review); 10-15: Kake, Alaska (Alaska Congress); 26-28: Seattle (Northwest Youth Councils); 29-30: San Francisco (Golden State Command Review).

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