Junior soldier Cody Cagle reflects God’s love

by Suzanne Mondell, Captain – 

Cody is a young boy from the Concord, Calif., corps, who comes from a broken family and lives with his grandmother. He has become the “man of the house,” helping her with everything. Cody also witnesses to other members of his family, including his mother.

Cody is a junior soldier who hates to miss Sunday school! He has become involved in every area of the corps—including counting kettle money and doing Christmas distribution—and he loves visiting nursing homes. He consistently brings his friends to the corps and tells them about God at school.

Recently, he was named “Student of the Month” and brings home excellent grades, even in the midst of turmoil.

He dearly loves the Lord and other people, and this is clear to see by looking at him; it’s reflected in his attitude. Though life has been difficult, he genuinely loves others and tells them about God. Cody is a prayer warrior, seeing the fruit of his prayer time with his grandmother. He reads his Bible and loves to do sword drills because he knows the Bible so well.

Cody is an excellent example of someone living a genuine, heartfelt walk with the Lord.

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