Juneau League of Mercy Celebrates 240 Years

Alaska Division

During the recent Alaska Congress, the Juneau Corps celebrated a combined 240 years of League of Mercy service. Members who were honored for their years of service were presented with pins and plaques.

Those receiving recognition were: Maryanne Wetness (10 years), Cyril George CSM (R) (15 years), Judy George (15 years), Larry Jackson (15 years), Dorrie Jackson (15 years), Nancy Jackson (25 years), Flora Huntington (25 years), Ruth Lokke (30 years), and Stella Martin (35 years).

New LOM secretary Lillian Arnett was installed during this very special time. The Juneau corps was also recognized as the only corps in the Alaska Division to set and attain five goals for the year 1996.

The goals were: Enroll two new LOM members (13 were enrolled); hold quarterly LOM workers meetings; hold a LOM training seminar; visit St. Ann’s Nursing Home weekly; and enroll a new LOM secretary.

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