Joyful Intercessors Session Appointments

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See where the Joyful Intercessors were appointed to serve across the Western Territory.
Adult Rehabilitation Centers Command
Lieutenants Dan & Taneya Garrett – Administrator Trainees – Santa Monica, CA
Lieutenant Felicia LeMar – Director of Special Services – Long Beach, CA
Lieutenant Sam LeMar – Administrator – Long Beach, CA
Alaska Division
Lieutenants Leah & Samuel Fowler – Corps Officers – Gateway, AK
Lieutenants Faith & Stephen Hartt – Corps Officers – Klawock, AK
Cascade Division
Lieutenant Quanna Brisbane – Assistant Corps Officer – Portland Tabernacle, OR and Silvercrest & Rose Center Chaplain*
Lieutenants Adam & Laura Fyn – Corps Officers – Portland Tabernacle, OR
Lieutenant Heather McBride – Assistant Corps Officer – Eugene Citadel, OR and Community Care Ministries Coordinator*
Lieutenant Joseph McBride – Assistant Corps Officer – Eugene Citadel, OR and Social Services Coordinator
Lieutenant Sandra Solis – Assistant Corps Officer – Twin Falls, ID and After School Programs Coordinator*
Del Oro Division
Lieutenants Chong & Hyun Kim – Corps Officers – Sacramento Korean, CA
Lieutenant Perfecta Weeden – Assistant Corps Officer – Lodi, CA
Lieutenant Travis Yardley – Assistant Corps Officer – Sacramento Citadel, CA and Transitional Living Program Chaplain*
Golden State Division                                                   
Lieutenants Cynthia & Yonathan Escobar – Corps Officers – Visalia, CA
Lieutenant Raymundo Jimenez – Assistant Corps Officer – San Jose Temple, CA
Lieutenant Thelma Lozano – Assistant Corps Officer – San Jose Temple, CA
Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division                                                   
Lieutenants Sung-O & Yoon-Jung Lee – Assistant Corps Officers – Ray & Joan Kroc Corps, Leeward, HI and Korean Ministry Outreach Officers*
Lieutenants Jose & Raghel Santiago – Corps Officers – Kona, HI
Intermountain Division                                                 
Lieutenants Grant & Mandy Hall – Corps Officers – Greeley, CO
Northwest Division                                                        
Lieutenants Claire O’Brien-Hawk & Lincoln Hawk – Corps Officers – Grays Harbor, WA
Lieutenants Nicholas & Rebecca Helms – Corps Officers – Yakima, WA
Sierra Del Mar Division                                                 
Lieutenants Jennifer & John Acosta – Corps Officers – El Centro, CA
Lieutenants James & Katrina Fleming – Corps Officers – Hemet, CA
Lieutenants Celeste & Joseph Morefield – Assistant Corps Officers – San Bernardino Citadel, CA
Southern California Division                                                     
Lieutenant Isabella Bottjen – Assistant Corps Officer – Whittier, CA and Youth & Family Programs Coordinator*
Lieutenants Chelcee & Joshua Humphrey – Corps Officers – Oxnard/Port Hueneme, CA
Lieutenants David & Rachel Jimenez – Ministry Leaders – Los Angeles Red Shield Center, CA
Lieutenants Jennifer & Justin Shiflett – Corps Officers – Glendale, CA
Lieutenants Christopher & Erin Wikle – Corps Officers – Santa Monica, CA and Santa Monica Silvercrest Coordinators*
Southwest Division                                                       
Lieutenants Heather & Ty Baze – Assistant Corps Officers – Las Vegas Citadel, NV
Lieutenant Shawn Clark – Assistant Corps Officer – Roswell, NM
Lieutenants Kimberly & Thomas Jo – Assistant Corps Officers – Phoenix Citadel, AZ
Lieutenant Laura Loomis – Assistant Corps Officer – Prescott, AZ
Lieutenants Camelia & Febronio Mendoza – Assistant Corps Officers – Glendale, AZ
* indicates additional responsibilities

Ready to serve: Joyful Intercessors ordained and commissioned as lieutenants

Ready to serve: Joyful Intercessors ordained and commissioned as lieutenants

General André Cox brings message at Commissioning and Ordination service

A list complete

A list complete

By Leah Fowler, Lt

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