Joe Thompson’s miracle

(LEFT) CAPTAIN JOE and his son enjoy playing ball in the park. (BELOW) Joe Thompson was on the cover of New Frontier in August 2001.


Some people may doubt God’s healing power. Captain Joe Thompson never has.

In June 2002, Captain Joe received a pancreas and kidney transplant. Now, after nearly 20 years, his diabetes is gone, and his two and a half years of dialysis are over.

During the years on the transplant list, Captain Joe learned to rely on the Lord daily. He alternated between the “active” and “wait” lists many times. When you are ill, you are placed on the “wait” list. Time and again when the surgeons’ prognosis proved wrong, his primary doctor said, “Your God did it again. ”

One time, a lingering problem with his foot caused the surgeons to consider amputation. Captain Joe’s response: “Good. Now that you’ve given up, God can heal it.” The foot that had not healed in two years did so in two weeks.

The Thompsons are overjoyed and overwhelmed by the response and support they’ve received throughout this time. They tell of prayer chains from California to Alaska and Texas to Hawaii that have been ongoing for several years. They express thanks to all who have held Captain Joe and his family in prayer.

“Who says God doesn’t still do miracles?” says Captain Joe, as he plays ball in the park with his son, Danny.

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