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Army of Stars

By Deborah Stekl –

In this year’s Army of Stars program, “What Child is This…” Jack Lemmon poses that very question.

Together, General Paul A. Rader and Mrs. General Kay F. Rader offer a very special Christmas message addressing this question for the ages. “We know that he was unique… that he inspired in ordinary folk incredible courage, quenchless love and wondrous loyalty… that he taught us our love for God is measured best by the extent of our caring for the least among us–the disadvantaged, the disabled, the powerless and the poor.”


Jack Lemmon
Jack Lemmon
Steven Curtis Chapman
Steven Curtis
Kelly Martin
Kellie Martin
General and Mrs. Paul A. Rader
General and Mrs.
Paul A. Rader

Joining Jack Lemmon to explore the issue further are special guests three-time Grammy winner and the Gospel Music Association’s 1995 Artist of the Year, Steven Curtis Chapman; and Kellie Martin, star of critically acclaimed television series “Christy,” “Life Goes On” and “Father Murphy.”

Featuring the music of Steven Curtis Chapman, The Gary Bonner Singers and The Army of Stars Orchestra conducted by Stephen Bulla, “What Child is This…” will be aired on well over 1,000 radio stations nationwide this Christmas season. We encourage you to contact your local radio station and request it.

To place your order for “What Child is This…”, available in either cassette or compact disc format, contact the Territorial Supplies and Purchasing Department. An order form is included on the back page of this issue.

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Redwood City Enrolls 37 New Soldiers

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Thanksgiving Offered to God

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