Introducing SayTunes

SayTunes is a new Salvation Army music site where you and your band can be heard.

by Joe Noland, Commissioner – 

It’s about time we began to capitalize on the “internet revolution”! And who better than the innovative, entrepreneurial Youth Department partnering with an equally creative and visionary Information Technology Department—two opposite sides of the brain synchronizing to create this inventive, exciting and sensational new venture into cyberspace. They’re calling it “SayTunes” (Salvation Army Youth Tunes) and its popularity is already invading TSA blogosphere big time.

If this is a “SAY” music thing, then why have they asked an old, has-been, tone-deaf retired officer to write this article, you ask? Because I care passionately about the future, that’s why. I want to praise and extol a forum that has been designed to uncover, showcase and launch the creative “voices” within TSA just waiting for an opportunity to be heard. I want to, as persuasively as possible, encourage this emerging generation to find its unique, creative voice. That’s why!

“The Salvation Singers,” a folk singing, beatnik-style group in the sixties (of which I was part) found its unique voice in the haunts of San Francisco’s North Beach and Haight Ashbury district. It captured the imagination of a worldwide press and television audience. Think of what could have been, had the internet been at our disposal! “The Joy Strings” made their mark. Gowans and Larsson had their day. What about this generation? Where are the unique SA “voices” that will capture the world’s imagination and draw attention to our distinctive, Christ-centered mission in a compelling and contemporary way? You will find them at, that’s where.
Here is the difference between then and now: In the future, there will be many voices instead of few. In our day, it was hard to find a market for your creativity. Not only were talent and creativity involved; you had to get lucky and be at the right place at the right time. We lived under the “20/80 Rule:” Only 20 percent of the created product was discovered by 80 percent of the audience. This means that 80 percent of the talented “voices” never found a meaningful audience. The miracle of cyberspace has changed all of this. We now operate under the “98 Percent Rule.” This means that today, 98 percent of the talented TSA “voices” will find a significant audience—and was created to help them do just that. Log on. Listen. Download. Post. Spread the word.

Kudos to Karl Larsson, Clarence White, Captain Kyle Smith, Fulton Hawk, et al, for their vision, tenacity, creativity and pioneering spirit. The West has, historically, been on the innovative cutting edge and, hooray, we’ve done it again! But, don’t stop there. How about a series of websites that will showcase other talents as well, e.g. creative writing, poetry, drama, dance, film making, wherever the imagination will take us?
By the way, Rob Noland has posted two of his mother’s original compositions (one from those early folk singing, beatnik days). SAY can also stand for Staying Actively Young (and besides, she’s much younger than I am anyway).

Log on today at and enjoy! Also visit to hear an interview with Fulton Hawk and Karl Larsson about SayTunes.

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