Intermountain Youth Study Choices

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by Angie Kainin – 

BIBLE STUDIES–provided meaningful moments of inspiration during Intermountain Corps Cadet retreats.

Playing in the snow, hanging out together, and studying about making good choices! Two corps cadet retreats were held for junior and senior high teens–one for Montana/Wyoming and one for Colorado/Utah.

All teens were included, not just corps cadets. At the end of the weekend, the corps cadet program was explained and new people were invited to join.

In studying about choices, teens were reminded that the most important choice they would ever make was their choice to follow Christ. Time was given for decision-making strategies such as studying the word of God, praying, asking advice from other Christians, and avoiding tempting situations. There were discussions about making tough decisions and what were the toughest decisions facing our teens everyday. After looking at the story of David and Bathsheba, there was discussion about what to do after a bad decision is made and to accept God’s forgiveness and the consequences of our actions.

The atmosphere at both retreats was happy and relaxed. Teens made good use of the sessions and especially enjoyed the free time. Teens and leaders commented that it was nice not to have too much programming so that they could just spend time together, as the division is so large this does not happen often.

New friendships were made, and old ones renewed. Playing in the snow and sharing and laughing together was great fun. It was encouraging to see these young people as the future of The Salvation Army.

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