Intermountain Division finds ‘Power in the Word’

DAVE HASSEN (l) and Ed Susa from Bridgehouse in Colorado Springs discuss a passage of scripture at Intermountain Division’s Bible Camp.


Lt Colonel Harold Brodin, Intermountain divisional commander, summoned the officers and soldiers of the division to come and partake of “Power in the Word” at the 2002 Divisional Bible Camp. Held at High Peak Camp, the weekend was a time of inspiration and blessing for all.

Brodin shared his expectations that during the weekend God would pour out his blessing and change lives, that souls would be saved and that all attending would experience great fellowship with God and with others present.

Special guest speakers were Colonels Thomas and Mary Lewis, national chief secretary and national secretary for women’s organizations. The Colonels Thomas quickly demonstrated their vast experience in preaching and teaching and a personal knowledge of the power of God’s Word.

“The word of God is correct and it corrects us,” he told the nearly 300 listeners, “Society today lacks a standard of truth. In public life we have seen many examples of falsehood in leadership–it has invaded our courts and our political system until today we no longer know what truth is.”

Attendees were given opportunity to attend Bible classes taught by Captain Lisa Smith, Captain Walter Madrigal, and Majors Debbie and Ron Gilden.

A Saturday morning business session gave divisional staff an opportunity to inform delegates of important programs of interest. Brodin shared the division’s vision for the future in discussing Vision 2000 and Beyond and the Heart Connection program. Major Doug Tollerud, divisional secretary, outlined the new DVAT and TVAT programs for communication between soldiers on the field and headquarters.

Saturday evening was a fun program including a presentation entitled, “Good Old Army.” Colonel Lewis followed with a challenge concerning the true spirit and mission of the Army, which is to save souls! The Sunday night program featured a musical offering by the Denver Citadel Songsters under the direction of Larry Sowter. The cantata, entitled “The Journey,” depicted the events of Holy Week and reminded everyone that Christ gave his life to ransom us from sin.

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