Institute on Evangelism draws Western Salvationists

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At the 2002 National Seminar on Evangelism, held at Glen Eyrie, Colorado Springs, 150 soldier and officer delegates (41 from the West) came together to learn techniques on how to evangelize, disciple individuals and organize a plan of action to institute on their arrival back in their hometowns.

Resources were presented and techniques shared (and practiced) providing some ‘how to’s to tell others about Jesus as Savior. Door knocking provided an opportunity for practice and prayer for individuals and even through this ‘cold’ and often-considered ‘archaic’ method of evangelism, 82 individuals came to faith.

Faculty members from the Western Territory included Lt. Cols. Raymond and Marilyn Moulton, Major Sheila Bradley, Nigel Cross, Captain Ronald Toy, and Captain Oscar Tippol.

Christopher and Brandon Toy were on video production staff.

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