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NAOC-99 offers its 2000 plus delegates a wide range of experiences designed to facilitate their increased awareness of the Army’s role in the world, the nation and the community. The two co-chairs of the conference, National Advisory Board (NAB) members Sally Harris and Jonathon Killmer have led the planning of the program with the intent to inform, educate, inspire and celebrate this great international movement’s commitment to people in all walks of life.

Delegates from all over the nation, along with a large number of international delegates, will convene in Pasadena from Thursday, April 29 through Sunday, May 2. Commissioners David and Doreen Edwards will greet delegates and welcome them to the West.

Recognizing the need for board members to gain specific knowledge about the Army’s mission, structure and function, Harris has designed an introductory “course” titled “Salvation Army 101.” The course seeks to introduce delegates to basic mission, goals, history and key procedures, in order to assist them in their effort to advise and support Army programming.

NAB member Marilyn Quayle, chair of the Disaster Services committee, along with Major David Dalberg, will explore The Salvation Army’s national disaster service plan.

Jonathon Killmer has coordinated the development of the Best Practices session, revealing the best practices in Army programming throughout the nation.

Steve Allen hosts an Army of Stars celebration in which a number of individuals are honored with the presentations of the Evangeline Booth award. They are: Billy Graham, Joan Kroc, Reba McEntire, Jerry Jones and Martha Williamson.

Saturday night’s “An Evening at the Army” celebrates the Army’s rich musical heritage, with music and song by the International Staff Band and the Pasadena Tabernacle Songsters.

General Paul A. Rader will be extensively involved throughout the weekend, and will lead devotions on Sunday morning.

Andrew Young To Keynote Conference

Andrew Young To Keynote Conference

  Keynote speaker Andrew Young brings with him a lifetime of service to

So…What Do You Think?

So…What Do You Think?

Army Seeks Advice From Advisory Board Members The National Advisory Board and

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