Inaugural sports camp at Redwood Glen

Seth Franco helps teach basketball skills.

Franco in a skills workshop

At the first-ever Golden State divisional sports camp, held recently at Camp Redwood Glen, former Harlem Globetrotter Seth Franco taught basketball tricks and skills to campers.

The goal of sports camp is to teach kids the fundamentals of soccer and basketball, and to emphasize the importance of teamwork.

The 83 campers—ages 9 to 12—were separated into boys and girls to focus on one sport at a time. In the basketball session, groups worked on passing, dribbling, shooting and agility drills. The soccer session focused on ball control, passing and coordination drills. After one session, the boys and girls switched to the other sport.

One 12-year-old camper, who has attended other camps at Redwood Glen for the past five years, said he didn’t know how fun sports camp could be, but made a best friend during the week.

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