In the footsteps of a man named John

by Robert Docter – 

They have come with a mission—to comfort the people—to speak tenderly to their hearts and proclaim that their sins have been paid for.

They have come to prepare the hearts and minds of the people they meet for the presence of a living and loving spirit of Christ.

They have come to prepare the way for the Lord—to make straight in the wilderness of our lives a highway for our God.

They have come to be levelers—to minister to others with the dedication of Christian love—to raise up every valley, the low points of our years—to make low every mountain and hill, the difficult obstacles of our existence—to level the rough ground and make the rugged places smooth.

They have come as sinners saved by grace to reveal the glory of the Lord within them.

In solemn and moving moments of high dedication and commitment, Commissioner Philip Swyers commissioned as Salvation Army officers the Preparers of the Way Session of cadets and ordained them as ministers of Christ to prepare the hearts of men and women for his saving grace and Holy Spirit.

Having completed two years of education and training at the School for Officer Training at Crestmont, the 16 member session now moves to individual appointments throughout the territory. Joining the “Preparers” were A/Captains who have completed course work and field training and are now promoted with their new session mates as Salvation Army Captains.

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