Hunter Takes the Reins Of Phoenix Metropolitan

NEW CHAIR–Yvonne Hunter, chair of the Phoenix Metro Advisory Board, is committed to making board members “the most sought after in the community.”


by Sue Schumann Warner – 

“The Salvation Army is my number one commitment in my community involvement,” said Yvonne Hunter, newly installed chair of the Phoenix Metropolitan Advisory Board.

Hunter, public affairs representative for APS (Arizona Public Service) in Phoenix, has been a member of the Metro board since 1995.

Commitment is a key word in her vocabulary. “I feel in this day and time, advisory boards need to be working boards,” she stated. With that in mind, Hunter has set some goals for the coming year. “I’d like to make Salvation Army board members the most sought after in the community–people who are workers and know how to do things.”

She also wants to “grow” board projects by first achieving excellence in current programs. “We need to take the programs already on the calendar and make sure we do them the best we can. Once we’re comfortable with that, we can add new projects.”

Hunter recognizes that personal involvement by board members benefits them as well as the Army. “The Salvation Army offers the opportunity for people to do good,” she explained, noting that there is a diversity of religious backgrounds represented on the board.

“This is a way of seeing God’s work beyond church walls. Our board members may do things with The Salvation Army that are different from their own faith–yet what they do with the Army still feeds their soul.”

Hunter also serves on the Arizona Black Women’s Committee on Philan-thropy, chairs the Martin Luther King Scholarship Committee for the H.B. Daniels Bar Association, is Secretary-elect for the Maricopa County Bar Association Board of Directors, and is on the board of the Greater Phoenix Urban League.

Prior to her affiliation with APS, she was a Deputy County Attorney with the Maricopa County Attorney’s office.

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