Honor Jr. Soldiers Share in Concord

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Who first called William Booth the General? Of what does the eighth doctrine speak? What is called the “church bell” of the Army?

These are just a few examples of the 150 questions that encompass a part of The Salvation Army’s Honor Junior Soldier Award. Completing the distinguished honor are four Junior soldiers from the Concord Temple Corps in Calif.: Lisa Garcia, Danny Grant, Kimberly Madsen, and Angela Vargas.

Under the supervision of Junior Soldier Sergeant Marion Black and leadership/instruction of Michele Martinez (an Honor Junior Soldier recipient herself), these four young people have worked long and hard to accomplish the goal of becoming Honor Junior Soldiers, the first to be awarded at the Concord Temple Corps.

The program is an intense study of Army history, terminology, knowledge of the crest, flag and uniform, generals, and doctrine study, including memorization and a thorough understanding of all 11 Army doctrines. The award also entails the completion of a project as outlined in the Honor Junior Soldier Guidance Manual.

After more than a year of study and preparation, a board review was held with divisional officers Captains Clay and Pam Gardner and Corps Officer Major Judy Nottle. Although nerves ran “high” during each individual testing session, all four Junior soldiers excelled in their efforts. Following their enrollment by Corps Officers Majors Bill and Judy Nottle, and receipt of the coveted gold Honor Junior Soldier pin, a reception was held to celebrate their accomplishment.

Susanville Enrolls First Jr. Soldiers

Susanville Enrolls First Jr. Soldiers

by Lt

Camsey Musical Goes Saturday Night at Commissioning

Camsey Musical Goes Saturday Night at Commissioning

by Captain Terry Camsey –  Both the young and the “young at

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