Home League brings women together

Built on Salvation Army goals, the Watsonville, California Home League is meeting the needs of women in this Golden State community. The corps is led by Majors Jesus and Rebeca Santos.

Over 100 participants, both young and old, gather to develop skills including crocheting, needlepoint, baking and budgeting. They also gain knowledge from guest speakers on subjects such as child awareness, nutrition and health (AIDS, diabetes, breast cancer, etc.).

The group enjoys game activities and tea-time, and arranges special events like fashion shows, quarterly birthday parties and beach trips. Children, ages six and under, are welcome at the meetings. They enjoy their own activities while the Home League meets.

Each month is different, with never a dull moment. It is both challenging and fun for the group to learn and to develop new ideas for upcoming months. The women appreciate their time together—they pray, sing and admire each other’s handiwork. Some also volunteer throughout the year, especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas, when they help the corps sort canned goods, and prepare food bags and toy donations.

Not least of what the Home League offers is the opportunity to share a few moments in prayer and to listen and respond to individual members’ needs. Many of the participants are low income—they work in the fields, canneries and nurseries to help support their families. Some even take Wednesdays off just to attend the meetings, enjoy the fellowship of the other women, and grow in the presence of God.

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