High Peak Hosts 120 for Music, Creative Arts


The Intermountain Divisional Music and Creative Arts Camp, held recently at Camp High Peak in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, attracted nearly 120 students and faculty from all over the division.

Under the direction of Divisional Music Director Gary Compton, it featured special guests Jim and Ivy Wasson from Nova Scotia, Canada.

For nine days, students worked on their creative skills in a variety of artistic areas including drama, puppets, creative ministries, and technology in worship. In addition to the traditional brass, vocal, theory and timbrel programs, young people were instructed in guitar, woodwinds and praise team as well, reflecting the needs of smaller corps music ministries.

Awards were presented to Michelle Baker, Grand Junction, Colo. (senior honor student), Emily Ringle, Aurora, Colo. (junior honor student), and Richelle Robinson, Bozeman, Mont., Brian Meeker Memorial Award.

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