Here Comes the Big One

here comes the big one

“The 2002 Territorial Youth Congress to be held June 14 ­ 16, in Long Beach, Calif., will be a time of challenge and inspiration for the youth of our territory,” said Lt. Colonel Raymond Peacock, secretary for program. “The YouthQuake 6.02 weekend will be a great opportunity for young people ages 14 and upward to share in worship, fellowship and training. We pray that they will be equipped to stand firm in a shaking world, and will be inspired into greater service and commitment to our Lord and army.

“We are tremendously excited by the General’s participation in YouthQuake 6.02. General Gowans will be joined by Fred Lynch, of Josh McDowell Ministries, and Walt Mueller of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding, as the main speakers to our youth. Music will be provided by some of the top artists in the Christian music industry, Salvador and Superchic[k].

“Music and drama will also be presented by the youth of our territory. The Saturday night Youth Spectacular will be a celebration of our young people and their talent. Everyone is invited to attend this evening program and you can purchase an individual ticket for this event only by completing the Youthquake 6.02 registration form.

“If you are an adult who will be in Long Beach, with your youth, or to witness the Commissioning of the Crossbearers, or in attendance at Officers’ Councils with the General, then you will want to register for the special Adult Track” (more information on the adult track can be found on page 7).

“Most of our young people will only get one chance in their lifetime to attend a Territorial Youth Congress, so encourage them to attend–they shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity.”

If you are planning to attend any of the events of this weekend, you will need to complete a registration form (available from your corps officer or from

Remember the early bird deadline for registrations is Feb. 15.

For more information see the HOMEpage insert in this edition of the New Frontier.

A shaking experience…

by General John Gowans – 

Facing up to God can be a shaking experience­ and so it should be. But it’s the sort of shaking that brings the main things to the top, and can help us get life­, my life and yours­ into shape.

There will be a lot of facing up to God at YouthQuake 6.02, and those who can take it will look back throughout their lives on this event as the moment when God took hold of them for good.

If you come, be ready for something; it’s likely that you will never be the same again. And this is not a new story; three thousand years ago the Psalmist said:

Tremble, O earth, at the
presence of the Lord, at
the presence of the God
of Jacob, who turns
the rock into a pool
of water, the flint
into a spring.


Change in schedule

June 14 – Friday * 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Commencement exercises at Crestmont College.

June 16 – Sunday * 2:45 p.m.
Dedication, Commissioning and Appointments of Crossbearers Session
Terrace Theater
Long Beach Convention Center.

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