Hedgrens retire after nearly 60 years of combined service

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After 59+ years of combined service in The Salvation Army, Majors Rudy and Judy Hedgren have entered early retirement. They recently held their celebration of service, with family and friends from throughout the territory participating.

Rudy was commissioned with the Defenders of the Faith Session in 1966. At his first assignment in Waterloo, IA, he met Judy Acuff, and they were married in 1968.

From 1968 to 1973 the Hedgrens moved often ­ from Iowa to Kansas City and St. Louis MO, then to Monterey, CA. During this time Rudy was drafted into the U.S. Army. While serving as a chaplain’s assistant in the Army, Rudy was youth director for the Monterey Corps. From Monterey, the Hedgrens moved to Germany, then back to Iowa, then Sacramento. They next went to San Pedro as corps officers until Judy re-entered training school in San Francisco.

After Judy was commissioned with the Blood and Fire Session in 1973, the Hedgrens received corps appointments in Eureka, Chula Vista, and Ventura, CA.

From 1977 to 1982 they served as divisional youth secretaries for the Cascade Division. They were richly blessed by this work with young people. They moved to Southern CA in 1982, again serving as DYS’s.

In 1984 they returned to corps officership, serving in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ, then in Santa Ana, CA. In Tucson they also served as city coordinators, and in Santa Ana as county coordinators.

In 1991 the Hedgrens received divisional assignments, first in Southern CA and then in the new Sierra del Mar Division. Rudy was divisional secretary in both locations, while Judy worked in program; in Sierra del Mar she was divisional youth secretary.

Rudy and Judy came to THQ in 1996 as territorial youth secretaries. Their final appointment came in June 2000, when Rudy was named assistant territorial program secretary and Judy territorial corps ministries secretary.

The Hedgrens’ years of devoted service to TSA reflect their commitment to God’s work. They can be reached in care of Foothill Community Church, 777 East Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702.

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