Hawaiian and Pacific Islands youth councils: Who am I?

Youth councils delegates find their identity in Christ.

Youth councils delegates in Hawaii participate in a relay challenge. [Photo by Neil Navarro]

Who am I? Why do I exist? What’s my purpose?

Seeking answers to these questions, 160 young people, youth leaders and corps officers gathered at Camp Homelani on the North Shore of Oahu for the Hawaiian and Pacific Islands youth councils, themed “Identity.” Leaders encouraged delegates to live a life reflecting God’s image and to understand their significance in life.

Lt. Colonel Eda Hokom (territorial program secretary), Major Ivan Wild (territorial youth secretary), Arwyn Llewelyn (Kaulwela Corps youth leader) and Captain Neil Navarro (divisional youth secretary) challenged the young people to be transformed in the likeness of God and to embrace their unique calling and identity.

On Saturday morning, the delegates attended workshops. Later they competed in various tournaments and the divisional Bible Bowl, with the Lihue team becoming the divisional champions.

The evening featured a concert with local Christian artists, including Hope Mayo, Pursuit, and Siaosi and Kiwini, as well as The Salvation Army “Upper Room Band” led by Freddy Ludiazo. Wild then urged the delegates to become men of power and women of grace.

Several teams participated in late-night ministry on the streets of Honolulu—at Waikiki, Kalakaua Avenue and Chinatown. They handed out food, witnessed, prayed with people and sang. They ministered through prayers, hugs or just a smile. In Chinatown they worked along with Major Brian Saunders, Rob Noland and the Revolution Hawaii students.

For many of the young people, it was an eye-opening experience—their first time to minister in this way. One youth worker from one of the neighbor islands, moved by what he saw, said, “I cried when I saw the way those people were living.”

In the final session on Sunday, delegates shared their experiences in outreach during the weekend. Many were inspired to commit their lives to God and find their identity in him. Many youth undergo some kind of identity crisis. God is hearing their cries and revealing himself to our young people.

Submitted by Captain Neil Navarro

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