Happy 100th Birthday Vedna!

CENTENARIAN–Vedna Jensen (front row, left) celebrates 100.

A birthday party was held recently at the Tustin Ranch Corps to celebrate the 100th birthday of Vedna Jensen

Born in Reedsville, Ore., on March 6, 1897, she became active in the Army as a young girl. Married to Nels Viggo Jensen, Vedna was the mother of three, Lt. Colonel Sibyl Barry (Mrs. Lt. Col. Donald V. Barry (R), promoted to Glory in 1994), Lt. Col. Bennetta Rody (R) and son, Victor. She has six grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and one great-great grandson.

Vedna was a stalwart of the Portland (Ore.) Tabernacle Corps and a fine soldier of the Santa Ana and Tustin Ranch Corps.

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