Gray’s Harbor meets spiritual, social needs of kids

“Our mission is to help children ages 6-15 discover the joy and excitement of walking daily with God, develop healthy self-esteem, and gain the ability to interact positively with others,” said Captain Charity Kramerius who, with her husband Captain Premek, serve as Gray’s Harbor, Wash., corps officers.

The Jesus and Me (JAM) Club is a weekly program for children ages 5-11, comprising exciting activities—including worship and prayer, group sports, and games, crafts, competitions and field trips designed to provide practical application of spiritual principles for children’s daily life.

“It is a blessing to see the children take their calling to prayer seriously, regularly praying for sick or addicted family members and friends, as well as with each other,” Kramerius said.

Tuesday Night Tweens (T.N.T.) is a weekly program geared toward meeting the unique spiritual and social needs of children ages 12-15. Biblical principles are taught discussion style, after hands-on activities. T.N.T members are encouraged and pleased to assist with JAM Club and other corps activities, helping them to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God’s role in their daily lives.

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