Grand Junction’s Annual Dinner: Doing the most good!

by Terrye Kanellis – 

Doing the most good took on a local flavor—as the theme for the best annual dinner ever held in Grand Junction, Colo.

Vance Johnson, retired Denver Broncos receiver, was featured speaker; master of ceremonies was Channel 11 News’ Rick Thurtle, and guests included State Senator Ron Teck, Mayor Bruce Hill, County Commissioners Tillie Bishop, Craig Meis and Janet Rowland. The City of Grand Junction was represented by City Councilman Bonnie Beckstein, Jim Dooty, Teresa Coons, Greg Palmer, Sheriff Stan Hilkey and County Clerk Janice Ward.

To his great surprise, Bruce Dixon, a long time Grand Junction resident and supporter of The Salvation Army, received the William Booth Award for his dedication to helping the less fortunate. Other awards were received by Mary Winters—employee of the year; Susan Potts—volunteer of the year; and the Wal-Mart Corporation, for their dedication to The Salvation Army and the City of Grand Junction.

The entertainment was outstanding: the Emmy-nominated King-N-Trio performed. Members David Durham, Chris Unfug, Ron Koss and Merritt Kinsey were fantastic—their performance provided a lively and energetic atmosphere to the evening.

Majors Alfred and Stella Parker, along with Captain Kristin McConnell, worked very hard to plan an evening in which people would feel rewarded for their efforts in helping The Salvation Army in Grand Junction be the best that it can be in aiding those in need.

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