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U.S.— For those living below the poverty line, washing laundry is both logistically and financially difficult. The Laundry Love Project (LLP) was birthed from a conversation between pastor and author Greg Russinger—of Portland, Ore.—and a homeless friend.

LLP partners with local Laundromats to wash clothes—and sometimes provide meals—for the homeless living in shelters, motels, cars, garages, and on the streets.

Through the donation of time—and quarters—relationships are built and the LLP groups become small communities in the Laundromats offering not only clean clothes and food, but also spiritual guidance and God’s love.

Laundry Love “hubs” are currently located in Mesquite, Tex.; Ventura, Calif.; Roeland Park, Kans.; Lynnwood, Wash.; Portland, Ore.; and Harbor City, Calif. For more information visit

Redwood City, Calif.—The Redwood City Corps focuses on the day labor groups in their city. Hundreds of day laborers roam the streets every day looking for work. Last Christmas, kettle ringers noticed that the job seekers were stealing food from the stores where their kettles were stationed.

In a response to this problem, the corps developed the “Day Labor Friendship Program,” which distributes coffee, bread, bottled water, and tuna kits to four sites in town. They inform the needy of the Army’s food distribution programs, share Scripture, and invite them to church.

More than 100 men are served every day through this outreach, which has resulted in many new people attending church and over 20 individuals receiving Jesus as their savior.

El Centro, Calif.—The El Centro Corps has built chapels in two of their thrift stores to hold weekly worship services and encourage customers, employees and volunteers to shop and worship at the same time and in the same facility.

The services have grown to overflow capacity.

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