GOOD FRIDAY – Cadets present the Passion Of the Cross

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GUEST SOLOIST Steve Amerson and the Cadet Chorus will be featured in the annual Good Friday service at Crestmont.

On Good Friday, officers, cadets and staff of the College for Officer Training and Territorial Headquarters will present “The Passion of the Cross,” a reflection on the dramatic events of the Passion Week.

While the community Good Friday service has become a tradition on the Crestmont campus, this is the first year that live tableaux will be used to depict scenes from the Gospel of Mark.

This year there will be no scripted dialogue,” says Major Diane O’Brien, program director. “We will be relying on the power of the words contained in the Gospel to tell the story of the crucifixion of Christ. There will be a visual portrayal of some of the events but the words will simply be from the Word of God. These words will be intertwined with music to express the emotion of the day.”

In addition to living “portraits,” the program will feature special guest soloist Steve Amerson, the Cadet Chorus, and Territorial Social Services Secretary Gordon Bingham as narrator. Internationally known in the worlds of classical, Christian and mainstream music, Amerson returns this year by popular demand. “We are pleased and honored to have an artist of Steve’s caliber join us in presenting ‘The Passion of the Cross,’ to our community friends and neighbors” says Lt. Colonel Raymond Peacock, coordinator of the program.

“The Passion of the Cross” will be staged in the center courtyard of the Crestmont campus. It will begin at 12:00 noon on Good Friday, April 21, and will be followed by the traditional serving of bread and broth at 1:00 p.m. All are invited to attend; and admission is free.

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IHQ plans to move

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Crestmont future


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