Review: ‘God’s Not Dead’

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By Erick Rodriguez –

God’s Not Dead” is a Christian movie focused mainly on the story of a young college freshman, Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper), who refuses to publicly declare that God is dead when philosophy professor Raddison (Kevin Sorbo) makes it a course requirement.

Radisson challenges Wheaton to prove to the class that God is in fact not dead and if he can’t it will dramatically affect his final grade in the course. Those close to the student, who are also Christians, tell him to back off and not go through the trial that might end in failure.

Side stories also dealt with faith. Mina, Radisson’s girlfriend, is an atheist. Mark is a lawyer who wants nothing to do with God. Amy, a reporter, tries to disprove God’s existence only to find God in a tragic moment.

The Newsboys and Willie & Korie Robertson appear in cameos talking about God. The acting was strong, and a few comedic parts left me giggling.

At times, the movie felt somewhat melodramatic and at moments seemed to make non-Christians out to be villains. I enjoyed that it returned to the main focus of the power in testifying the truth. You even see a student give his life to Christ at one point because of Wheaton’s testimony and the arguments he presents in class.

I felt more inspired to stand up for my faith. It made me realize that many times we think that no one is watching, when actually everyone is watching and we need to demonstrate Christ in all we do. Sometimes the only exposure people will ever have to Christ is through us.


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