Glendale Silvercrest houses Armenian star

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The Glendale Silvercrest in Southern California recently opened its doors to welcome 71 new residents. Among those residents is 71-year-old Takui Akopyan, an Armenian actress who moved to America in 1981 for a better way of life. Takui is moving into the Silvercrest in order to give care to her 100-year-old mother.

The actress was born in Greece and moved to Armenia in 1946. There she studied art, and began her storied career as an actress and director. Takui went on to become Armenia’s first television actress. She also went as far as Canada to host an Armenian talk show.

When her countrymen back home began to recognize the power of her celebrity, and her close proximity to the U.S. border, they ordered her to come home. When she returned, the president of Armenia tried to convince her to stay. He could not understand why she would want to leave her homeland; she had everything there. Takui admits she did have a comfortable lifestyle, but did not have the freedom to make her own choices in how she used her talent. “I lived extremely well, but I felt like I was in prison.” Takui said. She left Armenia for her freedom in the United States.

Since moving to Glendale, Calif., she has directed five Armenian and Russian plays and performed in various film projects for UCLA students.

The actor, director and painter’s next pursuit is to direct plays at the Glendale Silvercrest, casting the seniors in residence there. Takui Akopyan’s life is a testimony of fighting for what one believes in and pursuing one’s passions. Takui’s way of living life to the fullest will undoubtedly be inspirational to the Silvercrest residents and everyone else with whom she comes in contact.

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