Glen Eyrie Delegates Grow in God’s Grace

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WESTERN DELEGATES–to the National Seminar on Evangelism join: (l-r) front row–Lt. Colonel Sue Swanson, Lt. Colonel Barry Swanson, Lt. Colonel Richard Ulyat, Lt. Colonel Sharon Ulyat; and Doug Freeman, CSM Tustin Ranch.


by Captain Judy Smith – 

From all over the Western territory they came…soldiers and officers…to the Glen Eyrie Conference Center, in Colorado, for the National Seminar on Evangelism (NSE).

Each of the 10 divisions were represented by a corps team made up of one officer and two or three soldiers, who came to learn more about one-to-one evangelism. For the very first time, ARC corps were represented by an officer and two soldiers from the Carpinteria ARC Corps.

The seminar began with a welcome dinner and meeting. Commissioners Robert and Alice Watson, (then) national commander and national president of women’s organizations, greeted the delegates from all four USA territories and began our week-long seminar with God’s powerful word.

Each delegate attended a person-to-person evangelism class, a discipleship class and an elective class dealing with a specific type of evangelism. On Wednesday, delegates were assigned to door-to-door evangelism, or participation in an adult or children’s open-air.

A highly anticipated evening praise and testimony meeting followed this off-campus evangelism experience. Delegates freely shared their experiences, resulting in a wonderful mix of tears, laughter and prayer.

Those interested in attending future NSEs are encouraged to contact their divisional secretary for program. The next one is to be held in August 2001.

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