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by Marlene Gerber – 

Salvation Army truck driver Silvano Tellechea with Girl Scouts at collection site.

Thousands of Girl Scouts, San Diego-Imperial Council, teamed up with The Salvation Army for the Eighth Annual Be Your Best and Do A Good Turn clothing drive that benefited the San Diego Adult Rehabilitation Center
The massive countywide community service project brought in 80 tons, bringing the eight-year total to nearly 700 tons of used clothing and recyclable materials.

Donations support the rehabilitation program at the San Diego ARC, the largest facility of its kind in the county. Truckloads of recyclables are brought to the center, where they are sorted, recycled and sold at Salvation Army thrift stores.

Prior to the Be Your Best and Do A Good Turn collection drive, Girl Scouts had the opportunity to tour the ARC facilities, including the work therapy warehouse and recycling center. Tours were led by ARC residents, who shared with Girl Scouts the impact that drugs and alcohol had had on their lives and those of their loved ones.

Meeting some of the beneficiaries of Be Your Best and Do A Good Turn inspired Girl Scouts by giving them living proof that their efforts really can make a difference.

“We are deeply grateful to the Girl Scouts, their leaders and volunteers for their continued support,” said Major Doug Williams, administrator of the San Diego ARC. “Their efforts go a long way in helping to provide the recovery services to those in need.”


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