Gilmans conduct crusade

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by Ona Malmberg and Neal Hagglund – 

Major Ray Gilman demonstrates flag waving technique in Olympia.

When Majors Ray and Virginia Gilman led the evangelistic campaign at the Olympia Corps, Wash., recently, their style brought back a glimpse of the Salvation meetings that were a staple of the Army of old.

Every service included testimonies and plenty of singing, especially traditional Army songs like “Joy in The Salvation Army.” Many had never seen a Salvation Army hand-held flag waved before, so Gilman gave a short lesson in the proper technique of waving the flag.

The penitent form was frequented during the services, not only by “sinners” but also by “saints.” Gilman stated the altar was always open for business no matter who you are. He stated, “Don’t assume that everyone is saved and walking in holiness.”

In his Sunday evening service Gilman emphasized the urgency of sharing the Gospel with those who may not know Jesus Christ as their personal savior. He also shared that many corps have not had an altar call in years. Olympia responded with an outflowing of spirit and renewal.

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