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Captains Chris and Christine Giffey-Brohaugh

Captains Chris and Christine Giffy-Brohaugh were recently honorably retired at a celebration of service in Renton, Wash., conducted by Majors Ralph Hood and James Goodwin. The Renton Corps was packed to capacity for the occasion.

The Giffey-Brohaughs entered Salvation Army service as envoys, became auxiliary captains and then attained full rank. They spent their entire career in the Northwest Division. They served as assistants at the Olympia, Wash. corps and as corps officers for over three years in Havre and eight years in Missoula, Mont. Their last appointment was at Renton, Wash. for five years.

They have a great love for the Army ministry in small agrarian communities, which is why they were so successful in Havre and Missoula. Even though Renton is part of the Seattle Metro area, it still has the “rural town” functions and feelings.

In each of their appointments, there was considerable growth in the corps and community ministries. They had the vision for a Silvercrest senior housing facility for Missoula that is now completed.
In Renton, they noted low income senior apartments around the corps and saw this as a resource for corps programs and volunteers for their community food bank.

Chris and Christine have three daughters, Acadia 23, Rachel 20 and Phoebe 10. In retirement they plan to remain active with The Salvation Army and their youngest daughter’s Christian school. Their retirement home is a small farm near Rosendale, Wisconsin.

Guards donate locks of love

Guards donate locks of love

by SABRINA TUMEY –  Sixty inches of love!

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