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GariepyColonel Henry Gariepy (R), internationally known author and former editor of the U.S. War Cry, follows previous historians Robert Sandall, Arch Wiggins and General Frederick Coutts in producing Volume Eight of The History of The Salvation Army–Mobilized for God. Covering the years 1977-1994, Gariepy’s meticulous research does not detract from the drama and flow of those 17 years.

As we read, we are reminded that this was truly a significant time, with major changes in world governments as well as in The Salvation Army. The book’s colorful cover reflects the international nature of the movement.

In the back of this modestly priced hardback volume, a CD-ROM at first seems to be just a convenient extra. However, modern technology through this disc provides not only access to the full volume, a wealth of references, and momentous glimpses of unforgettable events, but also access to the LOGOS Library.

Whether recalled or seen for the first time, the sights and sounds can mist the eyes as familiar faces and flags are seen in the throngs marching at two International Congresses.

General Arnold Brown conducts a meeting; Major Yin, on being admitted to the Order of the Founder, sings his song, “All My Days and All My Hours,” that kept alive his faith in God and Salvationism through years of imprisonment in China. Major Chick Yuill conducts a seminar; a chain of the faithful led by a latter-day William Booth sings the chorus “Washed in the Blood of the Lamb.” General Eva Burrows presides at the opening of Army work behind the former Iron Curtain.

Imagine what it would have meant had CD-ROMs been possible with the previous seven volumes of the Army’s history. Catherine Booth’s preaching; the final “I’ll Fight!” speech by the Founder; Railton and the lassies landing in New York; Evangeline swaying the crowds in giant auditoriums…Think of the possibilities!

The highlights of The Salvation Army during the tenure of Generals Wiseman, Brown, Wahlstrom, Burrows, Tillsley and the first few months of General Rader are explored and appreciated as Gariepy presents them with stirring clarity.

During this period of time, apartheid ended in Southern Africa; the Iron Curtain came down, re-admitting The Salvation Army to rebuild its work; the AIDS epidemic opened up a whole new field of ministry in Africa and other places as well.

Changes, large and small, occurred in the Army. With General Arnold Brown’s inspiration, the word ordination became a part of the Commissioning process. The traditional bonnet all but disappeared in this country, and in most others as well. Married women officers were allowed to use their own deserved rank. In 1994, the total of countries in which the Army worked was brought to 100 with the addition of Micronesia.

Reading this book will help bring understanding of these and many other changes and accomplishments. In the words of the author, it is “not only a light on the past, but a beacon for the future.”

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