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Fundraisers and corps officers introduced to new software system for fundraising

by Christin Davis –

A specialized Donor Management Project team is rolling out a new software system for fundraising that will affect every division and corps across the West.
By August, the new system will reach every corner of the Western Territory in an effort to improve the cohesiveness of fundraising.
“It is our goal to move our territory to the cutting edge in donor management,” said Lt. Colonel Kurt Burger. “Donor management is primarily relational and local but to be successful, corps and divisions need a comprehensive system—we believe once completed, this new system will serve as a great management tool.”
Currently, divisions and corps use varied individual systems to track donations and information from direct mail campaigns, major gifts, planned gifts and online giving—but the disconnect across the territory makes it difficult to capture a holistic view of progress.
The new computer processing software, called Portfolio from the company Amergent, will give the territory one standardized and synchronized structure to access donor information and track gifts while allowing analysis of the various campaign results.
In another significant move, it has been determined that all donations from anywhere in the territory will be processed by one lockbox company, CDS, Inc. in Prescott, Ariz.
The Sierra del Mar Division agreed to be the test site for the software’s first production use in mid-July. The goal is to convert all divisions to Portfolio by the end of August.
“Corps need to be aware this is coming,” said Theresa Dulcich, project manager. “Some are completely autonomous in their fundraising now and this will directly affect them.”
A project team—composed of IT Director, Clarence White, fundraising subject matter experts, finance department representatives, Burger and Dulcich—have been preparing for this software launch for months, doing test-runs and ensuring this program will increase efficiency and improve fundraising results across the territory.
“Currently, there isn’t a single report that accurately reflects the effectiveness of our fundraising efforts on a consolidated basis,” Dulcich said. “We’ll probably find that some people are doing very well and others are not. Those that are not, can learn from the success of others and receive assistance.”
Corps that currently exercise creative control over their individual mailings will continue to do so but the management of the data will be centralized at the divisional level under this new system.
Dulcich said the intent is not to centralize fundraising. “We see it as necessary back-office processing,” she said.
“We want to be donor centric, always considering the donor in our systems and decisions,” Dulcich said.
Training sessions on Portfolio are being held at Crestmont College throughout the summer.
“The new system will facilitate a much more strategic approach to fundraising,” said Dona Romine, territorial direct marketing and donor management director. “While we have very professional and successful fundraisers on our staff, we have never before given them a tool that provides a complete picture of a donor’s relationship with The Salvation Army. Now we will be in a position to tailor our donor contact with more personalization and accuracy for greater impact.”
“We’re taking advantage of the latest technology and industry-leading automation services to provide the best possible experience for the people that support us so faithfully,” Romine said.
For more information about the implementation of this system and what you can do to prepare, contact your local director of development.

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