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by Captain Robert L. Rudd – 

The Community Relations and Development Department has been blessed for over 10 years with the volunteer services of Laura Thaller, who efficiently helps with the mailings and does many other tasks. Now that she is needed at home, the department recently had a party in tribute to her service and in honor of her “retirement.” Laura will always be close to our hearts, and we look forward to her visits in the future. Thanks a million, Laura!


…Major Don Bell, commander of the Sierra Del Mar Division, says San Diego Magazine. Each year the magazine comes up with 50 San Diegans as “People to Watch.” One factor in this “watching” is The Salvation Army’s new mandate to manage the $80 million Ray and Joan Kroc Center. Inspired by a trip around the city with former Mayor Maureen O’Connor, McDonald’s heiress Joan Kroc saw the need for community facilities in San Diego’s economically struggling neighborhoods.


At Dana Point, 45 leaders from the Santa Ana Temple Corps, led by Majors Fernando and Nancy Martinez, and Lieutenant Tony Perales, recently met for leadership training. There are 18 home churches now functioning at the corps. Congratulations to their leaders for their vision of what can be done through the corps ministry in Orange County, Calif.


Major Candy Frizzell, corps officer, reports that the Napa Chapter of the North Bay Association of Realtors supports the Army each year in a big way. In a pre-holiday auction they raised $28,500, auctioning items from hand-addressed Christmas cards, to Royal Doulton heirloom cups, to a condo vacation in Hawaii with a standby flight.


The downing of the Kenya Airlines Flight 431 off the Ivory Coast has brought a sense of personal loss to many Salvationists in Canada. Bob and Ruth Chapman, the two missionaries affiliated with Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada Inc., who are presumed to have been killed in the crash, had been active Salvation Army soldiers in Canada for many years before experiencing a call to missionary work in Africa. Bob Chapman was the son of Lt. Colonels Bob and Alvina Chapman (R).

Bob and Ruth’s daughter, Erin, a college student, is now the only survivor of a family of five. She lost two brothers 10 years ago to cerebral malaria, which they had contracted in Cameroon while with their parents on missionary service. Ross, her older brother, and Tim the youngest, died on the same day.


Commissioner James Osborne (R) expresses his “deep appreciation for the many cards, letters and telephone calls from our Western Territory family” following his car accident. Though the crash had the potential of being very serious, the Commissioner sustained only minor injuries and is recuperating.

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  1. my wife and I were returning from missionary service in russia the day the Chapman`s plane crashed. We prayed for Erin for a long time. Just wondering this morning how she is doing. David and Nancy Booth Ontario

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Three strikes and you’re IN!

Three strikes and you’re IN!

by Lt

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