Meet Jerikho Toledo: A Salvation Army employee since June

Getting to know Salvation Army employees across the Western Territory in five questions or less.

Jerikho Toledo is an Email Marketing Specialist in the Community Relations and Development Department at Territorial Headquarters. He started working for The Salvation Army in June.  

How do you explain what you do to someone unfamiliar with your work?

Usually my relatives assume that I’m a bell ringer or a store associate in one of our thrift stores. I don’t correct them because, for me, everyone in The Salvation Army is doing a good job for a great cause. But for people who ask what I do in the Army, I tell them that I’m the guy who sends email newsletters or email promotions with coupons, just like Costco and Walmart do.

What is your earliest memory of connecting with The Salvation Army?

Two years ago, I was watching a televised NFL game in the Philippines—the Cowboys versus the Buccaneers. After scoring a touchdown, Cowboys player Ezekiel Elliott jumped in a big red bucket with a Salvation Army logo. When it went viral a few hours later, I searched and read a little bit about The Salvation Army.

What is one way you identify with what The Salvation brand promises?

The dedication to help and serve people in need. I was part of a digital marketing team before that generates millions of dollars in sales profit. Now that I’m part of a nonprofit organization, I can share and use my talents and skills for a better purpose in life.

Describe a moment in your early life that deeply influenced you and, in some way perhaps, led you to the work you do today.

I moved here from another country last year and was looking for a job. I saw a job opening in The Salvation Army for the exact work that I had been doing for more than three years back home. I checked the website and really loved the mission and what The Salvation Army stands for. I suddenly felt a connection because I can relate to some of the issues the Army is working on: “Helping disaster survivors” as I came from a country where we experience five or more typhoons in a year. “Loving the elderly” as I have grandparents that live alone and need help with their daily routines. “Combating addiction” as I have family and friends who battled and struggled with addiction; some won the battle and some aren’t so lucky. “Assisting the unemployed” as I was unemployed for months, struggling to start all over again in a new country.

There were times that I contemplated leaving the U.S. to go back to the Philippines. I am thankful that I have a strong support group that helped, assisted and guided me along the way. Now I’m part of The Salvation Army, knowing that in every day of my life and in everything I do with the Army I’m helping people who are in need just like I was months ago.

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