Frontlines — News Briefs of the West

By Bob Bearchell – 

Staff members from the El Paso office of the F.B.I. recently volunteered their time to paint the Army’s eight-year-old social services center and shelter on Paisano St. inside and out.

“We want to do something for the community every year, and one of our people suggested The Salvation Army,” said F.B.I. spokesman Al Craz of the El Paso office. “When we asked how many wanted to help, we got 35 volunteers.” Paint was provided through the assistance of Bill Tunno, president of the city’s Hauley Paint Company.

This center is the heart of The Salvation Army’s extensive program in El Paso. More than 600 free meals are served every day to the city’s needy, and scores of men, women and children are given shelter and counseling. Captain Mike Olsen, county coordinator, remarked that the F.B.I.’s community service is a wonderful gesture, and a gift that will be appreciated for years to come.


Captain Lawrence Shiroma, director of the San Francisco Harbor Light Center, says that the San Francisco Korean Corps, under the leadership of Lts. Fred and Chris Kim, recently brought over wonderful hot Korean dinners to their clients. More than 50 men and women received a home made barbecue dinner, served by members of the corps and by the congregation of the Korean Church of San Francisco.


Major Stephen Owen, Colorado Springs corps officer, recently received the following from James C. Dobson, Ph. D., President of Focus on the Family, stating that the Army’s presence during their recent hostage situation was a life saver. “God bless you,” Dobson said, “for being on hand to provide meals for the law enforcement and rescue personnel assigned to deal with the problem. We deeply appreciate your swift response to the fire department’s call, and the prayers and practical ministrations with which you supported everyone involved throughout that unsettling afternoon and evening.” The canteen crew was invited to attend their monthly chapel service so they could be thanked in person.


In keeping with the People Count! campaign suggestion of “random acts of kindness,” the Army in Phoenix recently distributed bottles of free water to hikers at a popular hiking trail. Water is important to the thousands who use this trail every day.

A laser label was attached to the 8 oz. bottle with the verse in which Jesus talks about those who thirst seeking “Living Water.” Also listed on the label were all of the corps in the Phoenix area, with their phone numbers. This gesture was much appreciated!


To support the territorial and divisional project Bless the Children, The North Sacramento Guards and Sunbeams recently delivered many bags of cans to the recycling center, which they had collected. What a grand way to combine a fund raiser and service project!


Justin Mandaquit of the Kona, Hawaii Corps was recently named as the Player of the Year in the All-Big Island Interscholastic Federation Soccer League. Justin led Konowaena High School to a 9-2-3 record and runner-up finish in the tournament. He was dedicated to God at the Kona Corps and is an active senior soldier. His mother, Linda Mandaquit, states that she recently told Justin she was praying for him to make the all-star team, but reminded him that he needed to be sure he “put God first.” Justin replied, “Don’t worry, Mom. The Lord goes with me wherever I go.”

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