Frontiersmen Announced

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Marlene Klotz Collins

Marlene Klotz Collins is vice president of Community Relations for MAC America Communications.

She serves as a liaison between MAC America and the community, helping to direct the corporation’s resources to serve the people in the area. Her service to others over the years ranges from Bible study teacher to board member with the Girl and Boy Scouts, Fiesta Bowl Committee, and Literacy Volunteers of Maricopa County. Among other honors she has been recognized as “Phoenix Woman of the Year.” In 1993, she was presented The Salvation Army “Sally” Award.

Marlene chaired the Phoenix Advisory Board with enthusiasm and is currently a member of The Salvation Army National Advisory Board. She helped develop the Christmas Angel program into an annual effort that serves more than 30,000 children in need, and spearheads the Arizona Family Holiday Food Drive, sponsored by MAC America.

Marlene wields a magic in marshaling people and projects. Whatever the need, she is a “can do” person. Her interests are varied, her love expansive, and her energy unequaled. Her leadership is a tremendous asset to The Salvation Army in its work for the Kingdom of God.

Marlene truly deserves the title of “Frontiersman of the Year.”


Irene De Anda-Lewis

Irene De Anda-Lewis credits the Army with exposing her to things she would never have known otherwise. “I’m sure I wouldn’t be here today if it hadn’t been for The Salvation Army–I just want to be part of giving these kids a start in life like I had.”

As its first woman director, Irene displays a fervor and excitement over the challenges that lie ahead for the Los Angeles Red Shield Youth and Community Center. Located in the Pico-Union area, the city’s worst area for crime and drug use, the Center is a “safe haven” from gangs for its membership of 4,000.

Several important programs have been initiated since her arrival, including the Learning Center, where children can do their homework after school with an accredited teacher on site, and a ballet program. Though geared toward youth, the Center also has an active program for seniors and families.

Irene chairs the LAPD Rampart Community Police Advisory Board. She also oversees the L.A. Bridges Program in the neighborhood, a four-year city-wide strategy to reduce gang membership.

We are proud to declare Irene De Anda-Lewis a “Frontiersman of the Year.”

Josephine Morris

A great soldier of the Salinas Corps, Josephine Morris would easily qualify as a “silver service” Frontiersman of the Year. For almost 30 years she has ministered in the Monterey County Juvenile Hall, in Salinas. Over these years, Mrs. Morris has worked with the chaplain staff, visited the detained young people, and, through the Juvenile Hall Youth Center, held a weekly Sunday school with an average attendance of 80.

She started the ministry when youth social programming was much needed in the county. Josephine has coordinated volunteers and donations to benefit these young people. She is a living message of hope and responsibility, sharing Christ’s love in contrast with the effects of their choices. As a registered nurse, she uses her knowledge to share wise living with them.

She has been instrumental in bringing multiple “at risk” young people to the corps, supporting and visiting their families as well as advocating for them on social and legal levels. Josephine is known and supported by city and county officials, volunteer organizations, and the Christian community.

On the eve of her thirtieth year of ministering, this award is a fitting recognition a lifetime of service.

Captains Mike and Ruth Olsen

Mike Olsen brings a willing spirit to every task assigned him. As a soldier he offered his services, without cost to the Army, to administer programs in Spokane, Wash. Becoming an auxiliary captain in the Southern California Division, he served effectively as social services secretary for five years.

In 1992, Mike was promoted to Program and Development Secretary in the Russia CIS Command, where he planted and served as corps officer of the Moscow Presnia Corps. Two years later he was promoted to the position of Regional Officer for Ukraine and Moldova with the additional responsibility of the Georgia Command.

Since being appointed in 1996 as El Paso County Coordinator, Olsen has continued to display exceptional capabilities in every facet of the Army’s endeavor: human relations, fiscal management, supervision and decision making. His leadership as USA Liaison for Acapulco Relief in 1997, is further evidence of his unique ability to manage people and provisions.

Through all the challenges and changes the Army has brought them, Captain Ruth Olsen has served faithfully in every assignment, with tasks as varied as divisional statistician, chaplain and children’s programs director, and camp schedule coordinator. She has a special gift for helping, and joyfully maintains an open home as part of her ministry to others.

Capts. Mike and Ruth Olsen are rightfully recognized as “Frontiersmen of the Year.”

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