Fresno Silvercrest celebrates 25 years

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by Jennifer Byrd – 

L to R: Dawn Trueblood, Larry Roselle from HUD Fresno, Carrie Ramsey, Susan Lawrence and Majors Joe and Shawn Posillico.

The Salvation Army’s Silvercrest in Fresno pulled out all the stops to celebrate its 25th anniversary in August.

With approximately 130 people in attendance, including Divisional Commander Major Joe Posillico and Director of Women’s Organizations Major Shawn Posillico of the Golden State Division, Susan Lawrence (head of the Silvercrest department at territorial headquarters), two representatives from the local HUD (Housing and Urban Development) office, and the corps officers from the Fresno, Clovis, and Fresno Hispanic Corps, tenants and other guests celebrated with cake and punch. The cake featured an edible photo made of icing of the Silvercrest facility.

The guests also enjoyed the music of a live swing band, whose trombone player had gone through the Army’s adult rehabilitation program. It was truly a Salvation Army event through and through.
“For the tenants it was really a night to remember,” said Silvercrest administrator Dawn Trueblood. “It was a highlight for them. They recognized they are part of history, and it was meaningful. You could tell they took pride in their building and home.”

Fresno Silvercrest was dedicated and opened August 29, 1979. Majors Chester and Victoria Danielson broke ground for the building September 13, 1978, and one year later Captains Hoskin officiated at the dedication of the new facility.

In addition to celebrating its 25th anniversary, Silvercrest was recognized by HUD as one of the top 1,000 facilities across the country, and nominated nationally for its best practice award, recognizing the facility for caring for their tenants, not just renting apartments.
“The Fresno Silvercrest is a great representation of when Silvercrest facilities combine with corps in doing programs in support of their clients,” said Posillico.

Certificates were given to several residents who have lived in Silvercrest for a long time. Tenant Carrie Ramsey was recognized as the one who has lived in the facility the longest. She moved to Silvercrest two months after it opened and is still enjoying her days there some 25 years later.
Also as part of the ceremony, Trueblood read a letter from Mayor Alan Autrey of Fresno and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“I extend my gratitude to The Salvation Army and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, whose contributions help the elderly to lead more fulfilling lives,” wrote the Governor.
The evening ended with a few spry guests dancing to the music of the swing band.
“For me it was a blessing,” said Trueblood. “I wanted this evening to be about the tenants who have made this all possible. The evening really was fun.”


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