Forward2000 Cadets Report on Summer Assignments

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(Note: Below, a few cadets from the Forward2000 Session share their testimony from summer assignments in the West.)

“I had the privilege and the blessing to be able to spend my summer internship at the Leeward Corps in Oahu, Hawaii. My summer was filled with love that was shown to me from the corps people. I had the opportunity to experience new jobs that I eventually will be doing when I become an officer. I was able to witness to a lot of people that needed to hear the Word of God. My most rewarding time was when I was able to witness and help a woman who was in an abusive situation. After a few days, she turned her life over to the Lord. Now that is a miracle from God!”

Cadet Karen Schmig

“I spent my summer assignment in the beautiful island of Hawaii. My greatest experience was to preach in English, something that was impossible for me when I came to the college because my English was very limited. The power of God does not have any limit! Through him nothing is impossible! He taught me that if I let him build the house, my job would not be in vain. (Psalm 127:1)”

Cadet Francisco Flores

“This summer I had the privilege of going to the Hayward, Calif., corps. I was impressed by the outreach to the homeless and less fortunate. Every Sunday afternoon a group of volunteers helped feed about 70-120 people. When the chapel doors opened, people came to sing praises to God, hear the gospel message and accept free God’s grace. It brought tears of joy to my eyes as we felt the presence of the Holy Spirit touching the lives of these people. Afterward, everyone made their way to Soldiers’ Hall for a hot meal and a time of fellowship. I witnessed God changing lives. The Hayward Corps is on the front lines feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, and most importantly, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Cadet Michael Paugh

Forward…with Grace Two Sessions Unite at Crestmont

Forward…with Grace Two Sessions Unite at Crestmont

(Below, a number of cadets from the Ambassadors of Grace Session introduce

VISION2000 Presented

VISION2000 Presented

In formally introducing VISION 2000 & BEYOND to the territory by means of a

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