Forward 2000 Commissioned as Crestmont changes

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FORWARD 2000 prepares to bid Crestmont farewell as they embark on officership and lives of service.It’s a daunting task to go forward into a new millennium. It’s a challenging experience to step forth into a new career. It’s a stressful transition to move into a new community with the primary role of relating to others and assisting their spiritual growth.

The FORWARD 2000 Session steps forward to accomplish that job to-day.

In remarks on Saturday afternoon, Major Doug O’Brien, training principal, stated: “A new millennium has dawned. The pulse of this generation is punctuated by syncopated beats and toneless rap. It is an age more comfortable with motherboards than Mother Church, more reliant on Pentium processors than Pentecostal power.

“To support soldiers struggling in an earlier era of discontent, the Founder wired a one-word message around the world: ‘Others’. That word seemed to settle the convictions of wavering warriors; their resolve was renewed.

“With the same simplicity and a similar striking effect, another General cast his vision among soldiers confronted by the challenges of a new century set in a new millennium. His vision was not cast in a word, but in a session name: ‘Forward 2000’. Those who would claim that name as their own would embody the General’s vision and embolden God’s people.

“Just as the General had hoped, each candidate accepted for the Forward 2000 Session filled soldiers in a hundred countries with strength to face the new century. A million soldiers stationed across every continent watched and prayed as Forward 2000 cadets trained to battle the low-tech sin and high-tech distractions of the new millennium.

“Now lieutenants of the Forward 2000 session will fulfill the promise of their calling and realize the General’s vision. They have been commissioned. They are ready to receive the appointments for which they have prepared and from which they will press forward the fight of faith in the present age. No retreating, Hell defeating–shoulder to shoulder they stand.

“God, look down with glory crown our conquering band–the lieutenants of the Forward 2000 Session.”

Forward 2000 Appointments

Forward 2000 Appointments


Anticipating change

Anticipating change


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