Foleys installed at CFOT

Majors Tim and Cindy Foley become CFOT’s 23rd leaders.

By Dan Whipple, Cadet

Majors Tim and Cindy Foley have been installed as leaders of the College for Officer Training at Crestmont. Photo by Eugene Jo

On March 16, Territorial Leaders Commissioners James and Carolyn Knaggs installed Majors Tim and Cindy Foley as the 23rd leaders of the Western Territory College for Officer Training (CFOT) at Crestmont as CFOT principal (Major Tim Foley) and director of campus services (Major Cindy Foley). While it is unusual for training school leaders to take up their post mid-year, the installment ceremony itself was not unconventional; rather it was a spiritual charge for those attending.

The musical prelude “By His Hand,” performed by a small cadet ensemble, set the atmosphere for an evening of praise to God. Cadet Shawn McDaniel welcomed the Foleys on behalf of the cadet body, stating that the cadets were encouraged to have “Blood and Fire officers” taking the helm. Speaking on behalf of the CFOT staff, Captain Mike Paugh encouraged Majors Foley to adhere to the “Code of the West,” proposing that they shepherd their people. After some comical personal anecdotes, Lt. Colonel Dave Hudson recommended the Foleys, noting that they are “efficient” and “always have the desire to do the right thing.” Commissioners James and Carolyn Knaggs then officially installed the Foleys into their new appointments.

In her response, Major Cindy Foley expressed her dedication to those under her care. She said she is committed to discovering the joy of service together with everyone on the campus, to giving 100 percent of herself to God, and to recognizing and engaging in all the opportunities that God provides.

Major Tim Foley stated that he is dedicated to keeping The Salvation Army doctrines and teaching as a priority at CFOT. He said that he is committed to keeping policies and procedures on the forefront and most importantly, helping cadets embrace the calling God has laid on their lives.

The Scripture referenced was Matthew 28:18-20, the Great Commission. When Jesus “installed” his disciples as apostles, he gave them this charge—to go and make more disciples of the people they encountered. Like the original disciples, Majors Tim and Cindy Foley have accepted this same challenge in their efforts to develop blood and fire officers who will be fully equipped to win the West for Jesus.


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