Five Named ‘Frontiersmen of Year’

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Jan Young
is known for her tireless efforts with the women and their families of the Family Treatment programs in Honolulu. As the chaplain she provides much more than just traditional services. She is conspicuous for her outreach to the families that are served, both while in treatment and after: Sunday services and baby dedications, and material assistance and linkage with other parts of The Salvation Army. She continues to keep the spirit and presence of the Army alive in a setting where it would be so easy to see it snuffed out.

She is able, within the confines of government, Salvation Army guidelines and Family Treatment Services policies and procedures, to reach out to so many and serve as a living example of someone who walks daily with God. Jan Young is truly worthy of the title, Frontiersman of the Year.


Dorothy Outley’s
mission in life is to link the social service work of the Pasadena Tabernacle Corps to its worship ministry. A loving and caring mother and grandmother, she has made consistency her watch word.

An active soldier, a member of the corps council, and regular in attendance at all corps functions, Dorothy also gives each morning of the week to the corps’ social work office.

Here, she relates to members of the community who have fallen on difficult and desperate times. With the corps social worker, she helps meet temporal needs and encourages those she aids to come to church on Sunday for spiritual sustenance. She shepherds those who choose to accept her invitation and makes sure they are introduced to others in the corps family. With her buoyant and happy spirit, it is impossible to be with her without feeling more upbeat and positive.

If a member of the congregation is ill, that person can be certain to receive a friendly greeting card from her. If the person is in attendance the first time, she makes a point of making the greeting personal.


Pedro and Elizabeth Delgado
have been instrumental in reaching out with the Gospel throughout central Los Angeles in an aggressive, caring and effective manner. Their corps is an example of what can happen when people set themselves to the task of reaching people for Christ.

In addition to a vigorous corps schedule, they have barrio ministry all day Saturday, every Saturday of the year. This ministry reaches out to 10 locations throughout the central L.A. area. They conduct Sunday school and Women’s Ministries programs at these sites. Additionally there is open-air ministry on the weekends at McArthur Park. On a monthly basis, they use the parking lot at divisional headquarters to have day-long youth activities, attended by more than 300.

They are committed evangelists, excellent pastors, and loving shepherds. They continue to develop leaders, recruit new soldiers, and build the Kingdom of God.


Vin Ciruzzi
has just finished a three-year term as Chairman of the Metropolitan San Diego Advisory Board. During his tenure, a number of major accomplishments were realized, including the purchase of a camp in Ramona, the construction of a 125-unit Silvercrest in downtown San Diego, and obtaining a pledge from Mrs. Joan Kroc for an $80 million gift for a new corps community center.

Ciruzzi, after serving as a U.S. Army officer in Korea, spent 33 years in senior management level positions with Sears. His specialty was “turning stores around and moving on to the next.” He is currently CEO of Ciruzzi Consulting Group, a Certified Management and Real Estate Consulting firm.

Ciruzzi now serves as chairman of the Ad Hoc Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center Committee.

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