First-ever multimedia ministries confab

Western Territory sponsors weeklong event in Las Vegas.


By Josh Cowing


The first-ever Multimedia Ministries Confab took place this April in Las Vegas. Sponsored by The Salvation Army’s Western Territorial Headquarters (THQ), it represented the West’s ongoing commitment to developing its multimedia ministry throughout the territory. With THQ’s Department of Multimedia Ministries playing host, each division sent one delegate to the confab; attendees spent the week learning together, seeking new and modern means of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Delegates spent time at the Las Vegas Citadel Corps learning how to properly set up and maintain a live sound system and sharing with each other specific multimedia challenges and successes they faced in their respective divisions. They also had the opportunity to meet with members of multimedia teams from the three other U.S. territories, and explored brand-new technologies at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference.

“Having the chance to network with others from the different divisions was amazing,” said Cindy Crowell, from the Cascade Division. “I am looking forward to putting all I learned into practical use.”

“What an exciting event!” said Barbie Harvey-Hall, from the Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division. “I came away with two things: a new appreciation for the multitude of equipment available and knowledge that if I have an issue I can probably find the right equipment to resolve it, as well as a new desire to help our division come into the 21st century and to assist the corps’ multimedia ministry teams in doing their best with whatever equipment they have.”

The Department of Multimedia Ministries at THQ exists primarily as a service to the field and will continue to look for new ways to help develop multimedia ministry in the Western Territory. The department is able to assist divisions, corps and other Salvation Army units with any type of teaching, training or consultation they might need on multimedia ministry, all at no cost to the unit.

For more information, feel free to contact Josh Cowing, director of Multimedia Ministries at THQ (


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