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Tracy Pilewski from the Sierra del Mar Division receives first scholarship.

Tracy Pilewski (center) with friends she met during her Service Corps adventure in South Africa

New Frontier recently announced that the Western Territory is granting scholarships for higher education to graduates of the corps cadet program. Territorial Headquarters has just announced the first recipient—Tracy Pilewski—along with the news that the scholarship has been increased from 3 years to 4 years, so graduates are eligible for $1000 per year up to $4000.

A semester away from graduating from San Diego State University, Tracy Pilewski is grateful to be the recipient of the Territory’s FIRST Graduate Corps Cadet Scholarship!
Tracy began attending The Salvation Army at age 6, after a relative invited her family to church. Later, Tracy’s family began attending the San Diego Citadel Corps where Tracy, as a 13-year-old junior soldier, joined corps cadets.
“One of the biggest things corps cadets taught me,” said Tracy, “was doing something with what you learn. We didn’t just study the Bible and The Salvation Army, we also talked about how that applied to our lives. We actually put into practice what we learned by participating in Sunday services and Sunday school programs—we even went on a mission trip to Mexico City.” Tracy’s interest in missions continues to this day. During summer 2006 she was a member of a Western Territory service corps team to South Africa and in 2007 will travel with the service corps to inner-city Seattle, Wash. Tracy is also the corps cadet counselor at her corps, the San Diego Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center.
In her fourth year of school at San Diego State University studying psychology and child development, Tracy plans to graduate in December 2007. While she says she “doesn’t really know what my plans are,” she is a young woman seeking after God’s best for her life! “This scholarship money,” she says, “will go straight to pay for my tuition for my last semester of school. I think it will cover most of the cost of my tuition.”
Tracy, like many other graduate corps cadets across the Western Territory, is grateful for this scholarship and the opportunity it allows her to further her education. Are you a graduate corps cadet? Be in touch with your DYS today to see if YOU qualify for this $1000 cash scholarship!

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