“Family Matters” at Cascade camp

Chosen by God to be part of his family—we all matter to him.

by Christa Mitchell, Captain – 

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Some members come by birth; others by choice. As members of God’s family, Christians fall into the latter category. We are chosen by God to be in his family, and we matter to him. That was the theme of this year’s Cascade Divisional Family Camp, “Family Matters,” held at Camp Kuratli.

Special guest Lt. Colonel Kurt Burger, territorial secretary for business, spoke to 250 attendees about the importance of being part of God’s family.

The camp also featured the Moving Forward Summit, with workshops for all participants, age 8 and up. Classes included topics such as the Five Love Languages, Spiritual Gifts, TEAM Seminars and Boot Camp round tables.

Free time also appealed to all ages. An old fashioned family fair featured food, crafts and jewelry for sale; the pool was open for all ages. And a soldier versus officer softball game went off without a hitch—and somehow the officers won…

Saturday night was “Cascade Idol.” Rather than being a competition, like the popular television show, it was a talent night for anyone who chose to participate. Acts included sign language, comedy routines, drama skits, solos and instrumentals.

The Camp Kuratli Literacy Room was also dedicated by Divisional Leaders Majors Kenneth and Jolene Hodder. The room was provided by the Women’s Ministries Divisional Project, which raised $1,000 for furnishings, books, videos and games for children attending summer camps.

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